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Actively Personal

We all have physical wellbeing. The route we take on this our journey of wellbeing is bespoke to us, so why do workplaces still only offer corporate memberships?

Positively Proactive 

Our Journey changes, as do our needs. Help your employees on their journey to increase their productivity, engagement and reduce sickness across the board.

 Built for Your Business

GoSweat is designed for workforces that love their diversity, embrace differences, and engage with each member of staff on a personal level.

Minimal Admin 

There’s no costly integration, time-consuming setup, or complex legal contracts. You pick the package, we handle the rest. You don’t have to worry about setting up accounts, creating links, or sending emails - that’s all on us.

Clear ROI

Want to track your ROI? Easy. The Team Dashboard gives you detailed access to track your team’s progress. Gain insights into a variety of helpful measurements including credit utilisation, number of bookings, your team’s most popular activities, and much more.

Maximum Engagement 

Your team will have the freedom to pick from 1000s activities across over 1000 venues. From Boxing to Bouldering, Climbing to Kundalini Yoga, and Zumba to Quidditch, there’s something for everyone on GoSweat. We continue to add another 100 venues each month, but if your team spots a provider they think we’ve missed, just let us know and we will sign them up.

Go live within 24 hours