First Impressions Matter

Photos are the first thing to catch your new users’ eyes and create a lasting impression of what you offer.

Decisions, Decisions

Our users regularly tell us that photos are are one of the key  factors when deciding which provider to book a class with.

Stock Images?

Stock photography and 'model-like' participants are a big turn off for users! So keep it real :)

Clear, Bright and Great Quality

This photo is clear, it's bright and it shows the environment and people taking part in the activity. The quality is great, so when people are searching in their area, this image stands out and entices people to find out more.

Dark and Overcrowded

When images are dark they stand out for all the wrong reasons. This image doesn't showcase the great instructor or environment and is blurred. In photography, less is often more, so capturing lots of people out of unison makes for a confusing image.

Social and Enjoyable

This photo is fantastic as it shows how great the activity is. Everyone is clearly getting involved and really enjoying themselves. The photo is clear and evokes a sense of community and uniqueness, enticing people to find our more, and ultimately book your classes.

Let the photo do the talking

Having text on the photo detracts from the key focus of the image. You want the people in the photo to be doing the talking, as otherwise people will read the text. These images are also easily distorted and can be low quality.

Authentically Show Your Activity

Showing the class taking place, gives users confidence in what to expect. In this case the instructor is leading from the front, with customers taking part all in unison, giving a professional and relatable experience. Having the main focus of the image slightly off centre also adds to the attraction, and makes it feel real.  

Overly posed or stock images

Stock images are a big no from our users, they detract from what to really expect and don't give a sense of what you are really about. Remember, you want to showcase how awesome you are and uploading stock photos is a huge turn off for users. 

p.s., nakedness is no-go!