User FAQs

What is GoSweat?

GoSweat is the best way to discover, book and experience 1000s of different classes at studios, gyms and parks in your local area. We don’t lock you into paying expensive memberships upfront, we simply let you pick and choose the best way for you to Sweat.

Do I have to pay a membership?

Absolutely not. We don’t lock you in or demand direct debits - we let you pick and choose what suits you.

Where can I use GoSweat?

GoSweat offers classes from Cornwall to Glasgow, and just about everywhere in between. We are adding amazing new classes every day. If you know of great local classes and think they should be listed on GoSweat, send us an email at Who know’s there might even be a reward in it for you :)

How many times can I book each class?

GoSweat is unlike anybody else out there - we let you be free of limitations. Didn’t like that class, try another. Loved that class, book it again and again, and hey, why not bring a friend with you next time!

Can I invite a friend or family member along to the session with me?

The more the merrier, although your sweat buddy will need to create an account and book onto the session themselves.

Is there a GoSweat App?

Not yet, but watch this space. If you want are interested in being a beta-tester for our app, send us an email at and we can let you have early access soon.

Do you offer Corporate discounts?

If you’re interested in corporate discounts, send us an email at and one of the team will be in touch shortly.

Can I partner my brand with GoSweat?

Thanks for thinking of us. We have worked with some great brands and are always open to hear why you think there could be room for another. Send us an email at outlining what you do and we can see if there is synergy. Great things come in twos!

How do I add my activities to GoSweat?

If you’d like to join the squad, simply go to and you can find out more, and get started.

I have an injury. Will the class be suitable for me?

If you are concerned about having an injury, the best thing to do is notify the person running the class. They will be able to make sure they accommodate for this, to give you a safe and sweaty session. If the injury is severe and want clarity of whether this is right for you, simply drop us an email at and we can help find the right activity for you.

Will I be pressured into booking more sessions at the session?

Absolutely not, we want you to find the right activity for you, which is why we give you unrivalled choice. If the trainer is pressuring you into buying sessions when you are not comfortable, please email us at and we will ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Do I have to pay anything at the activities?

The booking online gives you access to the class and the facilities at the location. Certain locations may charge for lockers or parking. With yoga and pilates classes, there may be a small fee for mat hire. If this is the case, please notify us so we can ensure this is clear when booking at

What happens if my trainer doesn’t turn up to the session?

Please call us immediately on 020 3490 4959 and we can help solve the issue.

How far in advance can I book a class with GoSweat?

We let you book onto an activity up to 2 weeks in advance. Classes can be booked up until 1 hour before the start time.

What happens if I can no longer attend?

GoSweat has a 24 hour cancellation policy. We understand that things sometimes happen last minute, so should you cancel, it is up to the Provider running the session to give a refund after this 24 hour window, or let you book onto a re-arranged session.

What happens if I’m late for my workout?

Certain classes have a very strict format and require adequate warm up. If is down to the individual Provider whether they allow you to join a class late.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the class?

The benefit of GoSweat is that you aren’t tied to any individual class, you can simply try out another workout. If you feel you were misled about what the class would entail, please contact us at and we can help figure out the issue.

How do I contact GoSweat?

You can email us at For emergencies please call 020 3490 4959 and we will answer within reasonable working hours.