BJJ Fundamentals
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 90 minutes
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Classes start with an intense warm-up using dynamic bodyweight exercises and BJJ techniques such as shrimping and rolls. The body of each session is technical instruction focusing around a certain position or set of techniques for the day, aiming for students to understand the principles behind the techniques as well as the movements themselves. To finish, students roll (BJJ sparring) to let them experiment more freely and try to apply what they’ve learned.
Physical level: Suitable for all
Experience required: Beginner

Book at UWA Vauxhall
Arch 12, Miles Street, London, SW8 1RZ
UWA Vauxhall
Arch 12, Miles Street, London, SW8 1RZ
Showers Lockers
Walk through the blue gates next to railway arch and continue past the Crossfit gym until you reach Urban Warriors Academy.
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BJJ Fundamentals